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Directing, producing, writing, and editing two student films while juggling Covid 19 restrictions.

Including some other fun projects.

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Can't Say


Planning and executing a perfect date night is a challenge, but Luca's biggest problem comes when he physically can't say his true feelings - and neither can his creator. 

Filmed in the historic Palm Theater in San Luis Obispo for the 2021 One Act Festival hosted by the Cal Poly Theater & Dance Department. 

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Backseat Questions

For the first time, little 3rd grader, Miguel, has to wrap his head around what the other school yard kids say about his parent's much darker skin complexion. A shot film of my own struggles as a white passing latino and dealing with childhood microaggressions.

Screened during the SLO International Film Festival's Shortcuts: Short Films by Cal Poly Students Night.

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    I acted as mostly a production member editing and as a camera man for Cal Poly's  primer sketch comedy troupe, The Nightcap. While I was an actor at times for the troupe, my time was full of laughter behind the camera as well as rewatching these skits. Please sit back, press play, and enjoy!

The Colors of 2022


A brief look into my work and travels of 2022 where I was able to explore the world
and the many people that make it sing.

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