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Projects and assignments completed in order to further educate or promote ideas to the public mostly produced during my college career.

A promotional video about the responsibilities and impact of the Faculty Fellows of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

*The video was made following Covid 19 restrictions of 2021* 

Mustang News is Cal Poly's official student news media news covering local and national news for the local area of San Luis Obispo.

My work, as displayed HERE, was predominantly working as a video reporter as well as a reporter and translator for the growing Spanish-speaking community. 

A series of reports that I created that showcased some of the most interesting research and senior projects at Cal Poly.

-Senior Project Spotlight Series-

KCPR is a Cal Poly's student operated non-commercial radio station in the Central Coast of California.


My time with KCPR was filled with broadcast live for the daily Mustang News Hour on 91.3 FM at 9 a.m and at 5 p.m. (PCT) and producing audio-based stories about local news in the Central Coast for the radio and online content. 

This website is about the anonymous Instagram account, @Calpolysleeps, which posts pictures of unsuspecting students and faculty sleeping in public. (click image)

  • Bonus*

         Programed Website             (HTML, CSS, Java Script)

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